Need a simple and effective shot review system that your team can access anywhere in the world?

We did, and we found Having used wipster before, which seemed very similar, we thought we would give this a shot and see what else it could offer.


(image property of has a free basic account that you can sign up to, giving you up to 2GB of storage space, 1 project, and 5 collaborators. You then get the obvious choice to pay for extra space/projects etc on a monthly basis (which is quite cheap really)

From uploading files, to commenting and making notes on frames, the whole process is pretty easy. The ability to scrub through frame by frame and then comment on individual frames and annotate onto them makes this quite a powerful tool. Collaborators can then comment on that comment and ask questions, or simply mark as complete when that note has been fixed.

We are currently trialing this on a short film we are doing some VFX work for, but so far it isn’t faulting at all.

We also came across the for Premiere application, which looks like it can integrate with premiere itself, cutting down on time rendering, emailing and sending to clients, with the ability to upload straight to for review. We are likely to try this soon as it sounds perfect for this kind of work. (I wonder if they will make an After effects equivalent? or maybe it already is..)

Give it a go yourself and let us know what you think over on Twitter!


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